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Get expert accountancy help to grow your business and prune your taxes

Choose from a variety of tax and accounting services, all designed and delivered to maximise your profit.  Each one of the services can be tailored to suit your business. Call Frances today on 01737 559211 or contact me here to tell me what you need

Tailor Made Accounting Services For Surrey And South London Businesses

Tax And Accounts

What You Get…

For Limited Companies:

  • Company formation
  • Statutory accounts
  • Corporation tax return
  • Personal tax return (self assessment) for shareholders/directors
  • Unlimited advice to save you tax throughout the year

For Sole Traders And Partnerships:

  • Annual accounts and personal tax return (self assessment)
  • Conversion of your business to a limited company
  • Unlimited advice to save you tax throughout the year

How My Tax Service Helps You…

  • Keeps your tax bill low
  • Help you to increase profits and reduce overheads
  • Regular support makes running your business easier

Making Sense Of It All…

Figureweave Accountants in Croydon and South London look after established businesses and start-ups. I’m Frances Conn and I will advise you on the best way to set up your business in the first place, to save yourself time and money in the future.

I will prepare your annual accounts and tax returns, and statutory records where required and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

You’ll have access to ongoing guidance on how to grow your business and steer clear of the common pitfalls; throughout the working week I’m just an e-mail or a phone call away.

This is a fixed fee service.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to grow your profits.

Training On Xero or Sage 50c Accounts

What You Get…

  • Training tailored to your company and your needs
  • Training includes best accountancy practice
  • Training on your premises or mine
  • Paced training to suit the person being trained, to avoid overload and stress
  • Free telephone helpline for the trainee up to 3 months after the final training session

What’s Involved…

Using your financial data, I set up the structure of the accounts with you and show you or your staff how to input information to the software so that the resulting data means something to you. Training time depends on how quickly the person trained understands things – I go at their pace.

I encourage lots of practice in between training sessions as that makes for faster learning, and  I ask everyone I train to call me with queries at no extra charge up to 3 months after the final training session.

You can request my additional helpline service after that to ensure continuing high quality of data entry and regular monitoring of data and VAT returns if you need it.

Why Good Training Is An Investment…

If you invest in training and make sure that the good habits taught are maintained, you can rely on good quality information to make business decisions. Here’s how you can use the resulting reports from your software:

  • Checking how much money is in the bank
  • Chasing customers for unpaid invoices
  • Keeping an eye on how much you owe suppliers
  • Find out how profitable your business is
  • Keep your accountancy costs down

Well trained staff will have confidence that they are doing things properly and they can ask me if they come across a transaction they need help with. So they won’t feel alone when a problem arises and data quality will remain high long after the original training finished

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to grow your profits.

Bookkeeping And VAT Returns

What You Get…

An accurate and reliable service that is more cost effective than doing this work yourself. You can consequently spend your time on work more relevant to your skills, whilst relying on the data I provide you.

Regular discussions between us to ensure all queries are resolved so there are no nasty surprises later

Accurate  information provided from your or my bookkeeping software and reliable VAT returns will give you peace of mind and better information to run your business.

What’s Involved…


I input your data monthly or quarterly on my premises using either Xero or Sage 50c Accounts. We can use next day guaranteed delivery post to send documents to each other. Alternatively Xero users can download documents straight to Xero, and Sage users can download documents to Microsoft Office 365. You may be able to do some of the bookkeeping yourself, or decide you don’t want to do any of it. There are all sorts of possibilities depending on what you need.

I can send you reports or show you how to access them so you can manage your business finances better. Good quality reports will give you peace of mind and the information to make decisions. If you’re clear on what’s going on with your business finances it’s much easier to plan ahead..

Why Accurate Bookkeeping Is So Important…

If data is not input properly your whole bookkeeping database could be unreliable and could lead to business decisions you’ll later regret or errors on VAT returns that could trigger large penalties from HMRC. If you know you can trust the figures you get in our reports you will be able to plan ahead from a sound base.

VAT Returns

Your VAT returns will comply with the complex VAT rules, which defy logic in many cases. I can ensure you’re on the best VAT scheme for your business and there are no nasty surprises when HMRC wants to inspect your returns. Penalties for errors on VAT returns can be very high. If you aren’t experienced in this area it’s not surprising if errors arise. I prepare quarterly VAT returns, EC sales lists, MOSS returns and many other VAT related returns for you.

Avoid the stress of complying with all the VAT regulations on your own

Missing VAT deadlines can trigger yet more penalties if you don’t have the time to focus on this area. And when you’ve got other VAT returns apart from your regular quarterly one to deal with it’s easy to miss yet another deadline. Let me take the strain from you. I’m used to scheduling work to meet deadlines on time.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to grow your profits.

Payroll, Autoenrolment and CIS Returns

What You Get…

For Payroll & Autoenrolment:

  • Excel sheet explaining gross pay calculation
  • Payroll summary sheet explaining gross to net
  • Pension contribution sheet
  • Net pay sheet
  • Amount due to HMRC
  • Payslips
  • FPS, EPS schedules
  • Sick pay, SMP SPP
  • P45’s, P60’s
  • Other reports if you need them
  • Upload pensions data to external pension providers’ websites
  • Manage pension scheme for you

For CIS:

  • Monthly CIS return
  • Adjustment of payroll monthly for CIS suffered by your business

My payroll service keeps abreast of the multitude of legislation that gets more complex every year. If you run your own payroll yourself you will have noticed that just to run a simple payroll there are so many things you need to know. I can take away the worry and do the payroll properly, while providing you with many different reports, depending on what you need.

What’s Involved…

My payroll service includes all the options most small UK companies need, and can email payslips to employees if you prefer. You’ll use a custom designed Excel payroll data sheet to inform me of changes each month, and we’ll work to an agreed date each month.

Once staging for autoenrolment takes place I prepare the letters that are required by law to be sent to staff and make all necessary deductions, transmit the data to your pension provider, and prepare reports for you. I handle opting out and opting in for you and the general administration of the scheme.

Let me handle the aggravation of this increasingly specialised area for you. You can pay your staff with confidence, knowing the payroll has been done properly and be confident of exactly how much PAYE you need to pay to HMRC.

Running your own payroll is expensive from the point of view of paying for the software, regular upgrades and ensuring your payroll manager knows all the rules.

Free up more of your time to concentrate on your business and let me deal with this complex area for you.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to keep on the right side of HMRC.

Regular Management Accounts

What You Get…

If you wait until your year end accounts are done, it will be too late to take advantage of any problems or opportunities they reveal. Without regular management accounts throughout the year, you’ve only got gut instinct and the back of an envelope for information to help you run your business.

What if you could have regular and detailed monthly or quarterly accounts produced quickly, explaining areas of particular interest to you in much more detail and comparing past periods?

What’s Involved…

After full discussions with you, I set up a structure for your accounts that will dovetail with your statutory accounts, but gives more relevant headings. These will help pinpoint the areas that will answer the questions all companies should be asking:

  • How much profit are you making for each product/service you sell?
  • How much is your most profitable customer worth to you in money terms? Could you sell more to them?
  • Who’s your worst customer? Are they taking too much of your time for too little reward?
  • Can you increase your marketing to target other customers similar to your best customer?
  • Is it worth ditching a product/service in favour of a more profitable one?
  • Can you reduce your overheads?

How Your Accounts Can Help To Grow Your Company…

Every month/quarter I produce your management accounts (from your bookkeeping data) and compare the results to the previous periods in the year and the previous year, and your budget, if you have one. I also prepare a commentary on these figures. I arrange regular meetings with you to discuss discrepancies to help you identify how you can change income and costs.

Management accounts are regularly used by much larger companies as an essential management tool to control expenditure and check on profits. It’s time more small businesses got the benefit of these too.

Management Accounts can tell you about areas of concern in your business early on. Taking fast action when you know there’s a problem or a business opportunity is a very good way of making your business more profitable. Let’s talk about how your figures can help you make a lot more profit.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to grow your profits.

Budgets And Cashflow Forecasts

How This Service Helps You…

Planning by using a budget is essential to show whether your business is going to be profitable in the future. That’s why most lenders expect a budget to be presented to them as well as accounts.

Of course budgets are full of assumptions, but with good research and/or past data it is possible to predict reasonably accurately what your net profit might be in a year’s time.

Once the budget has been agreed, a cash flow forecast can be set up, based on those budgeted figures. Of course without a decent supply of cash even a highly profitable company can get into difficulties.

What’s Involved…

I meet you to discuss your last set of accounts and any underlying issues, and what your plans are for the coming year. I set up a budget template based on the information you give me and then present you with a completed budget and cash flow in Excel to approve. The budget can be used in conjunction with management accounts

Either the budget or the cash flow can be changed at least quarterly so that you know well in advance what your final results for the year are likely to be.

Budgeting And Cashflow Forecasting Give You More Control Over Your Business

Would it help you grow your business by using budgets and setting reasonable sales targets for the months ahead? Budgeting your expenditure for the year would help you focus on managing overheads.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you to grow your profits.

Entertainment of staff, company cars, P11D’s and other staff benefits

What You Get…

Where it’s clear your business will breach the HMRC tax exempt guidelines for staff entertainment, I can prepare an annual analysis of staff entertainment with submission of taxable data to HMRC

Advice on company car considerations and the tax implications. Submission of data to HMRC where required

Annual analysis of taxable benefits and preparation of P11D’s

What’s Involved…

If your bookkeeping is of a high standard, it should be easy for me to extract these figures

Why It’s Best Not To Do This Yourself…

HMRC’s rules are not always clear, and these jobs are one off or annual in nature, so it’s difficult to build up lots of experience in this area if you’re trying to do it yourself. There are deadlines to consider in addition.

I can handle all this for you and make sure returns are submitted on time and you know when and what to pay.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you keep on the right side of HMRC.

Recruitment of Finance Department Staff

What You Get…

Pick from a variety of services including:

  • Help with Job Spec
  • Advice on wording and placing of advertisement
  • Selection of relevant candidates from applications
  • Participation in interview process

What’s Involved…

I can do much of this with you over the phone, and just visit for the interview process

Why it could be helpful for you…

I have many years experience of recruiting my own finance department staff, as well as assisting clients. I know what technical expertise will be required for each role in the accounts department and can help you target the right level of candidate. I will tell you the market level salary for this candidate so you know what’s realistic.

I know what technical questions to ask candidates at interview so as to reveal what their actual skills and experience might be and how relevant they would be for your business.

I can also train the person you decide to employ on either Xero or Sage 50c Accounts.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can help you get the best staff for your accounts department.

Year End Accounts

What You Get…

You may be very happy with the accountant you’re already using for your statutory accounts and tax. Perhaps because their fees for preparing  year-end accounts are high, my service for preparing draft accounts could be much more cost effective. Many of my clients who use another accountant for their statutory accounts and corporation tax find my services for draft accounts save them fees.

What’s Involved…

I come to your offices to inspect your data before the year end work starts.

Your bookkeeping work is adjusted where necessary and draft accounts are prepared on Excel. Once you have approved those accounts my Excel data, final bookkeeping data and all other working sheets are sent to your accountant so that your statutory accounts and corporation tax can be completed quickly. I can liaise with them on your behalf.

I advise you or your staff on improvements to your bookkeeping for future years to make sure they are inputting the right information to your software each month.

Why You Should Use My Service…

Because I sort out all the bookkeeping issues before your accountant sees the draft year end accounts, you should expect their fees to be to be lower than if they were doing this work themselves, as they will have substantially less work to do. I can deal with many of the typical year end queries direct with your accountants. Many of the businesses I’ve trained ask for this service. It ensures that the quality of bookkeeping remains high long after training has finished.

Call me today on 01737 559211 or email me to find out how Figureweave Accountants can save you money at year end.

Who I work with

Whether you’re in business in Croydon, or other parts of Surrey and South London, I’ve tailored my accountant services to meet your particular needs.

Small Businesses

I’ll give you lots of accountancy advice and help so you can get the numbers you need to better control your business.



I’ll show you how to monitor project profitability, and how to spot opportunities and threats from your numbers.


Sole trader, partnership or limited company? Get advice early on so you’re on the right track from the start.

“Frances is extremely thorough and diligent in her accounting work. If something new arises she will research it deeply for you to gain a full understanding and explain in plain English. She will treat your accounts as if they were her own and has meticulous attention to detail. Your books will be in expert hands and you will not need to worry about missing any deadlines or tax requirements.”

Mark McDermott

CEO , Screencloud

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